About Cloud9 Crafts 

Cloud9 Crafts is a small company that is specialized in craftsupplies for cardmaking. We are based in the Netherlands, but our aim is to serve you all over Europe. We continuously search for the best quality products and lovely designs. 

By sharing projects through our social media channels we try to inspire you and contribute to the craft community. Come join us!



Our Team 

Hi everyone! My name is Yuki and welcome to Cloud9 Crafts! As long as I can remember I am passionate about paper and stationery. I really love Kawaii style, pastel colors and I have a weakness for clouds. I have an obsession for everyday utensils with sweet eyes and sweet cheeks. My hobby does not stop with making paper projects, but continues with always looking for beautiful stationery and accessories for on and around my desk.

Together with Cornelie we run the day to day business of Cloud9 Crafts.  Packing and unpacking orders, replying your emails and do a lot of laughing & singing! 

Hi! My name is Cornelie and I work together with Yuki to get all those beautiful orders delivered at your doorstep. Working at Cloud9 Crafts is really a dream come true!

In my spare time I spent a lot time on my hobby. I love to make cute & CAS Cards, colors, coloring with Copic Markers or pencils. I am addicted to patterned paper, shaker and interactive cards. I claimed near half of the livingroom where I installed my lovely crafty workspace. Hop along my blog Colorful Cornelie or join a fun cardmaking challenge on the Lift Challenge Blog! 

Hi! I'm Laura and I am a card maker and YouTuber from Belgium. I have been a life-long crafter, but it was until 2010 I discovered the wonderful world of card making through one of Kristina Werner's Finally Friday videos. Immediately after watching that video, I started building my card making stash and joined the craft blogging community.

I'm super excited and honored to be part of the Cloud9 Crafts Design Team! You can find my work on makingcardsisfun or on my Youtube channel.

Hi everyone! My name is Nancy, and I'm a member of the Cloud9 Crafts Design Team. I have always loved crochet, crafting, coloring, cutting and pasting. At the beginning of 2019 I discovered cardmaking. I love bright colors, especially blues and greens and secrectly I am a paper hoarder.

While I craft, my workplace turns very fast in a mess, but my work is very precise. What can you expect from me? Fun, creativity, enthusiasm, super nice and beautiful cards, to give, to receive, or to give it to yourself. You can find me on Creastudio Nancy or on my Youtube channel.

Hi! My name is Maartje, I’m 30-ish, a cat mom and love cardmaking! I find it hard to describe my style, but I love coloring and experimenting with color combinations and different styles. Next to crafting, I also have a few other hobbies like crochet, reading, drawing, and playing computer games. Still, most of my spare time you can find me in my craftroom as cardmaking is my biggest hobby.

I’m very happy, excited, and honored to be part of the Cloud9 Crafts Design Team. I have always loved the personal touch of the shop and the great atmosphere in the Cloud9 Crafters Facebook Group. It is truly wonderful to see all the beautiful creations and the support from fellow crafters. I regularly post on my blog CraftsCrowDesign or on my Youtube channel.

Hi! I am Jur(riaan), partner of Yuki and father of Milou. Beside my work as a data consultant, I help keeping the shop organized both in the virtual world as in real life. Don't be surprised to have your emails answered by me during busy periods. When I'm not behind a computer screen crunching numbers, you will most likely find me outside in the garden or working in my tool shed!